The Person

Harald Glööckler is getting an international perception as being a remarkable, colorful and excentric person. Harald Glööckler is a fascinating person with many facets. On one side, he is like an unapproachable, fabulous, aritificial figure coming from a universe far away, so glamorous and neo-baroque.

On the other side he is a philanthrope, tangible, open-hearted und kind like no other prominent person in Germany. He has a lot of talents and has built up a reputation as a designer, couturier, painter, author, sculptor and much more.

For more than 34 years he has made a name for himself worldwide with the extravagant collections and fashion shows of his label “POMPÖÖS“ and sold his products in more than 80 countries of the world. In Germany, Great Britain and Japan theywere sold via a TV show of his own in teleshopping.

His first documentary called “Harald Glööckler – Prince of Fashion“ was broadcast in England, others followed in Germany. Lately, he signed a contract with the production company ITV and the RTL TV group for the successful TV show “I’m a celebrity…Get Me out of Here!“, in which he will participate in 2022.

The Designer

Harald Glööckler is a designer with a high complexity. His repertoire includes buildings he designed as well as the appertaining interior, wallpapers, clocks, porcelain. His label “POMPÖÖS“ also includes articels for horse riding, products für dogs and cats as well as perfume, cosmetics and jewelry.

The Fashion Designer/Couturier

Harald Glööckler has his roots in the “Haute Couture“. At the tender age of six he designed his first dress for his aunt. She was a custom tailor who inspired him and taught him tailoring.

Not until later he designed “luxury for the masses“. His collections fascinate with a perfect and cleverly designed style and a kind of opulence only known from the French Haut Couture.

The Painter/Sculptor

Harald Glööckler has a lot of passions. He is a passionate painter creating unique artworks.

A lot of paintings und sculptors show his creativity and fascinate the young and old. The expert art scene is also very amazed and delighted by his art. The art historian Julia Pfeffer of the University of Vienna praises the works of this creative genius: “GLÖÖCKLER’s art is screaming, it wants to be seen, it is passionate and extravagant.“

Professor Doctor Helge Bathelt from the “Associaton for Fine Arts and Culture“ in Germany even said: “Obviously, Harald Glööckler is on the same level as Warhol, Liechtenstein and Jeff Koons.“ His art is more than an optical eye-catcher. He repeatedly uses his artistic creations for a good cause.

The Author

Harald Glööckler has a passion for the written word.

His experiences and expert knowledge, his ideas, emotions and attitute towards life are captured in numerous books.

His repertoire ranges from biographies to motivation books. In his book “ Open up Church!“ he is dealing with the Church and her behavior facing the question: “Does the Church still have a future? Do we still need the Church?“

In his book “The Crisis as a Chance“, which he wrote during the first lockdown, Harald Glööckler shows, how every person can become happy and successful in difficult times, without losing themselves and and their ideals. He has just published his book “Prince Pompöös“.

In this fabulous narrative with more than 60 illustrations created by him, he takes the reader into the fairytale-like life of the excentric, glamorous artistic figure Harald Glööckler.

The Artist

Harald Glööckler ist an artist all through. He himself is art. Triggered by an awful childhood he spent with a violent father, Harald Glööckler decided at the age of six not only to change the world, but also himself and his own world. He wanted to make the world more beautiful and more colored and to create a new nature for himself.

He stylized himself into an artificial figure.

The newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung“ once wrote: “ Meeting Harald Glööckler is like being taken by the hand by Alice in Wonderland. The world is getting larger, more beautiful and more colored. Harald Glööcker is doing, what the Romantics demanded twohundred years ago. Germany needs a person like Harald Glööckler.“

His greatest concern are his charity activities for animals and children in need. He has been supporting them tirelessly for many decades.

The Entrepreneur

In 1987 Harald Glööckler founded the fashion label “POMPÖÖS“.

First, he ran the boutique “POMPÖÖS“ in Stuttgart together with his partner, Dieter Schroth. They celebrated big Couture Shows with world stars, and thus, he established his reputation in the fashion world. The plan to attract attention first and then win fame with extravagant shows and an excentric design in order to get into the license business worked out well.

Meanwhile, Harald Glööckler has granted numerous licenses and sold his products via partners in more than 80 countries of the world.

A sensational history of success.