Visit the Café Pompöös in Bad Dürkheim.

Outstanding cafe with excellent coffee, cakes and pies. Other dishes such as burgers and pizza are also served. Our wonderful Café Pompöös designed by Harald Glööckler is located in the Kur Park near the salt pans and is very comfortably furnished.
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Once upon a time, there lived a prince in a modern palace above the rooftops of Berlin. The prince was busy day and night making all the princesses of the country beautiful.
He had the most magnificent robes and the most beautiful jewels made, for it was widely known that the most beautiful princesses would live in his kingdom…..

You can become anything you want, if only you believe in it. I had decided to become a prince in this life.

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It’s not that we are imperfect and something needs to be added.

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Harald Glööckler has a lot of passions.
He is a passionate painter creating unique artworks.

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Harald Glööckler has granted numerous licenses and sold his products via partners in more than 80 countries of the world.



A designer with a high complexity.
His repertoire includes buildings designed by him as well as the appertaining interior, wallpapers, clocks, porcelain.

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This fascination and the gift to see everything more beautiful and bigger than it is, seems to be my greatest gift in life.

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Harald Glööckler has a passion for the written word.
His experiences and expert knowledge, his ideas, emotions and attitude towards life are captured in numerous books.

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You are the director of your life. You write the script and you decide whether there is a happy ending or not. It’s pointless to wait for it. You have to make it happen yourself.

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In 1987, Harald Glööckler founded the fashion label “POMPÖÖS“.
First, he ran the boutique “POMPÖÖS“ in Stuttgart together with his partner, Dieter Schroth.

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Harald Glööckler met a lot of interesting persons in his life. What did they say?

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Cult star, ICON, very BIG heart for the disadvantaged in our midst.
Harald Glööckler has been tirelessly committed to children and animals in need since decades.

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The Pompöös World is full of
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and items of Harald Glööckler

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I Love Pompöös because it's a timeless classic Look and as i always thought i was Born in another Time i think These clothes Really do suit me.
Chaka Khan

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Explore original Paintings from Harald Glööckler.

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Engage with Harald Glööckler online using social media. Instagram, Facebook. Learn from the Icon how to be iconic.

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